ECQ: Scotland vs Israel

Scotland and Israel are two teams that have quite a fate in recent years. Remember in the UEFA Nations League 2018, the two teams were in the same group and Scotland beat Israel 3-2 when playing at home.

By the UEFA Nations League 2020, the two teams once again clashed and Steve Clarke's teachers and students could not repeat the feat when they only got a 1-1 draw against Israel.

Returning to the Euro 2021 qualifying play off, Scotland is the more appreciated team thanks to its home advantage. In addition, at the present time, the performance of the army under coach S. Clark is much more impressive than the opponent. Accordingly, Scotland won the last 4/5 matches, scoring at least 2 goals / game.

On the other side of the field, Israel lost to 8/9 recent matches in all competitions. Away from home, Israel did not win the last 8/110 matches, of which 6/7 matches were lower.

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