ECQ: Slovakia vs Ireland

At any given time, Slovakia always has difficulty when facing Ireland, the group is known for its extremely uncomfortable burning style. The evidence is that in the 5 encounters between the two teams, Slovakia has never had the triumphant song and lost both matches played at home.

At the present time, the possibility that Slovakia will improve its performance against Ireland is not highly appreciated by fans. Because the home team is in a pretty bad form when they only won the last 1/6 of the match in terms of both expertise and percentage. At home, the situation is not getting better when 5 consecutive matches Slovakia does not bring joy to those who believe in them.

On the opposite side, Ireland still shows the stability needed when unbeaten in the last 12/14 matches in all competitions, and only once of them conceded more than 1 goal. The 0: 0 odds ratio applied to this match is a sign that the visitors are getting a lot of sympathy from the world. 

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