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EFL: Bristol vs Norwich

Norwich City entered the season this year in poor form following the relegation shock of the 2019/20 season. However, there are signs that this former Premier League member has returned. 

Accordingly, the team nicknamed "Canary Bird" brought about 10/12 maximum points in the last 4 rounds, winning 3/4 matches.

With only 2 points behind the second place team, the Norwich City players' goal in the next 90 minutes is to beat host Bristol City to improve their 7th place. According to the assessment, this is a task within Norwich City's reach when this is the time when the host is not in good shape.

In detail, Bristol City only brought 2 points in the last 4 rounds, scoring only 1 goal / last 2 matches. Not only that, the past is also completely against Bristol City when it has not won all 8 of the closest matches between the two teams. In particular, Bristol lost in the last 4 consecutive matches to Norwich City at home.