EFL: Norwich vs DCFC

Norwich have not been in really good form lately.  After 3 rounds in the Championship this season, they only got 1 win.

However, this collective underestimation is very wrong.  Their current squad still has many players who fought in the Premier League last season.  Moreover, they still retain their cohesion and the dramatic defeat against Bournemouth is the most obvious proof.

On the other side of the front line, the new Derby is really in crisis.  Their total loss streak has reached four. The lineup is so discrete that they are unable to dispute the midfield area with the opponent.

The situation is getting worse day by day.  In the previous 3 games, they only lost with a difference of 1 or 2 goals.  Recently, Derby even let Blackburn beat at home with 4 goals not removed.

Derby used to be a very annoying opponent for Norwich.  However, the current situation was too different from before.  While Canaries have had a season of experience in the Premier League, their opponents have been in serious decline since parting with coach Frank Lampard.

It is not too much to say that, at the present time, Derby is not able to attack but the defense is not finished.  According to the house odds today, the homeowner is only accepting the 0.5 / 1 handicap and investing in them is clearly a reasonable plan.

Derby's defense system at the present time is too loose.  Only in the last 4 matches, they had to receive a total of 10 goals.  The role of the midfielders to support the defense is very weak while the ability to judge the situation of the midfield pair is also quite poor.

Norwich strikers will have more land to act in this match.  However, defense is not their strength either.  In the 4 games played this season, the host has only 1 clean sheet.  According to the house owner, the ability to win Tai is very high.

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