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Before the Premier League this season started, the majority of professionals chose Leeds to be the "dark horse" of the season. It is fair to say that the fact that Leeds broke the net of Liverpool three times, then excellently held Man City at Etihad showed they deserved respect. However, if talking about "dark horse", no team deserves more than Aston Villa . 
The last two Premier League matches showed that Aston Villa is really a real team. If the destructive 7-2 victory over defending champions Liverpool is viewed from the perspective of a fairy tale, the victory at King Power at Leicester has confirmed the danger of Villa. Remember that Leicester is also a formidable team and King Power is never easy to conquer. But Aston Villa left this danger with a convincing victory.

Coming to this match, Aston Villa continues to be appreciated. Partly because Aston Villa is excited when facing the opportunity for the first time in history to win all five matches. But the more important thing is that Leeds will have to march to Villa Park with a pretty bad team in many important positions.

The series of national teams that took Leeds out of the middle line was midfielder Kalvin Phillips, which was extremely important. The player was diagnosed with 6 weeks off due to shoulder injury. Phillips' absence became a real problem, as captain midfielder Liam Cooper still has not fully recovered from injury. 

In his pre-match speech, coach Marcelo Bielsa also admitted that Leeds' defensive ability would be in great difficulty without both Phillips and Cooper. Coach Bielsa also said that in the worst case scenario, he will have to let Cooper play even though he has not fully recovered from injury. Still know this is a reckless decision, but coach Bielsa has no better option. In addition, coach Bielsa understands that, facing high-form attackers like Ollie Watkins, Jack Grealish or Ross Barkley without a solid defense, it is difficult to stand firm. 

If they win in this match, Aston Villa will temporarily climb to No. 1 in the Premier League , a position that they would not have dreamed of before the season kicked off.