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EPL: BFC vs Spurs

Having only got 1 point on the field of rookie West Brom in the previous round, Burnley continued to sink deeply in the standings and the victory was something luxurious for teachers and coaches Sean Dyche. On the contrary, Tottenham is showing a very high determination exactly as coach Jose Mourinho promised before leading this team. With a very stable performance, it is clear that "Rooster" is very confident in the upcoming trip.

In the Premier League last season, Burnley played really well and even got into the race of the European Cup group at one point. But entering this season, things are going very badly with teachers and coach Sean Dyche. In the previous round, Burnley struggled to hold rookie draw West Brom (0-0). The match in which they were strangled and overwhelmed by this rookie. Even that was Burnley's first score after 4 matches, because before that they lost all 3 opening appearances. With that result, Burnley is ranked 18th in the standings with only 1 point earned after 4 rounds of matches and not even a victory. Own an attack only scored 3 goals and the defense has conceded 8 times. All numbers show that Burnley has a lot to deal with in the near future. The difficulty was even greater for Burnley before this match, when a series of key names of them all had problems. In particular, Ben Mee, Jack Cork, Bardsley are definitely absent and Lowton, Peacock-Farrell, Erik Pieters are not sure to play.

"Rooster" opened the Premier League this season disappointingly when embracing hatred at home against Everton. Since then, however, Tottenham has completely transformed to become an extremely powerful team. Specifically, in the last 9 appearances, Tottenham is completely unbeaten. Even among them, coach Jose Mourinho and his students won 7 and drew only 2. In the Premier League playground, after 5 rounds they lost 1, drew 2 and also won 2. That result helped Tottenham bring about 8 points to get 10th on the chart. With the difference to the above group is not too large, Tottenham can completely make a breakthrough in the near future. Recently, the visitors have a successful match in the Europa League when they beat LASK up to 3 goals. Plus, winning 3/5 of the last encounter with Burnley, victory is completely within Tottenham's reach.