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EPL: Blades vs City

Can not say Man City played well since the beginning of the season. The team of Pep Guardiola won only 2/5 rounds, winning a mere 8 points. This is a rather sluggish start to the champion candidate Man City. In the previous round, they only had a 1-1 draw against West Ham. In the last 4 rounds, the Green Man only won 1-0 at home against Arsenal. Left, in addition to West Ham, Leeds and Leicester both get points when they clash with Man City. 

In the middle of the week, coach Pep's teachers and students had a 3-0 victory at Marseille. However, it cannot be considered as a victory that confirms the revival of the Green Man. By simply representing France very badly in the European Cup (losing 11 consecutive games) and it is not uncommon for Man City to win such a poor opponent. 

In fact, Pep's machine has many problems, especially on public goods. The injury of Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus caused the Green Man at this time to not have a true striker. This makes the attacking power of Man City greatly reduced. Without Aguero and Jesus, coach Pep was forced to use Raheem Sterling in the virtual No. 9 role. Or in France, Pep suddenly arranged Ferran Torres to kick in the middle. But obviously this is just a temporary solution.

Sterling though has improved a lot under Pep's modeling. But the British star is not an "assassin" and is especially bad in final handling decisions. Against West Ham, Sterling himself fumbled to miss the chance to face goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski at the end of the match. Tonight, Aguero and Jesus can not return and Pep will surely have a headache because of the ability to convert opportunities into goals of the home team. 

In short, this is not the time when Man City is in the best form. Fortunately for Pep, he still has some support for hope during his trip to Sheffield Utd. First is the return of De Bruyne. In the nearest round, the Belgian star did not take the lead and we immediately saw how the Green Man was stuck. To the match against Marseille, De Bruyne returned and Man City's posture immediately got better. De Bruyne promises to be a difference for the Green Man at Bramall Lane. 

In addition to De Bruyne, Phil Foden is also in high form. The young English talent has had nine shots in the opposing box this season, more than any other team-mate. Foden's energy will bring a new feature to the Green Man midfield. Somewhere optimistic signals also appeared in the defense, when Aymeric Laporte and Ruben Dias were forming the pair of solid center-backs that Pep was looking for. 

Man City's belief of victory is even greater when Sheffield Utd is declining. This team used to be phenomenal last season. But Sheffield Utd this season can no longer maintain the element of surprise. They lost the first 5/6 rounds and the lack of significant reinforcement last summer made coach Chris Wilder difficult. 

Man City is the best team in English league history on Halloween. Sheffield Utd met "ghost" Halloween night so they will most likely be empty-handed at home.