EPL: Chelsea vs Saints

Chelsea showed perfect form in a 4-0 victory over Palace to rise to 7th place on the table. Round 5 they only have to welcome Southampton, the team must receive 8 defeats after 10 encounters with The Blue. The opportunity could not be better, it is difficult to stop a jubilant day of Timo Werner and his teammates.

Chelsea clearly ambitious in the transfer market and have partly reaped success. Public goods are in an extremely sublimation stage, scoring 17 goals after 6 matches since the beginning of the season. Earn 3 wins, 2 in the Premier League and 1 in the League Cup. The gameplay exploded, but the worry in the defense was not alleviated, conceding 6 goals after the first 4 rounds. In which, mistakes in the 3-3 draw with West Brom are hard to ignore. The most outstanding feature is the quality of public goods with the new factor Timo Werner. At home, they just buried Palace with a score of 4-0. Psychological excitement, Southampton is not a worthy opponent of Chelsea at this time.

Southampton brings this season a more offensive playstyle. In 4 Premier League matches, they scored 5 goals but conceded 6 times, on average, each match has nearly 3 goals. His scoring ability improved markedly, Southampton scored 5 goals in the last 3 matches, bringing in 2 valuable victories over Burnley and West Brom. However, the quality of the squad is limited and the gap with the Big 6 is still very large, shown in the 2-5 defeat to Tottenham at home. Lax defense, 1 more hard working day is expected.

The ability to do the table is a strong point while the defense is not appreciated, it will be very adventurous to choose a faint. In a season of unexpected fluctuations like this year, the game will be very difficult to control, especially after the opening score. On average, each Chelsea match this season has 4 goals scored.

It is not denied that Southampton has a full effort, but the real distance is difficult to level. Not only that, they were completely inferior in the times the two teams met, 10 times receiving 8 defeats. Chelsea is meeting their favorite opponent at home, it is difficult to hope for a possible surprise.

The recent performance of the visitors has not brought confidence. Although the last 2 rounds have won, but in front of love opponents does not say much. The 2-5 defeat against Tottenham exposed the hole of the downline when under pressure from big teams. While Chelsea outside the defeat against Liverpool they won 2 draws 1, in which each match scored at least 3 goals. Not only outstanding in strength but also Chelsea's mentality is in the best state.

Home advantage makes the difference, Chelsea won the last 2 games here with a score of 10-0. 

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