EPL: Leicester vs Villans

Leicester and Aston Villa entered a series of holidays to give the playground to the national teams in a completely opposite mood. For Leicester it is inspiration. After winning all 3 opening matches, including the destruction of Man City, the Fox will have the first time in history to start a new season with 4 wins if they defeat West Ham. However, despite holding too many advantages to win, Brendan Rodgers' army unexpectedly lost 0-3 in the surprise of all. 

Meanwhile, Aston Villa is like celebrating. In the welcoming match to welcome defending champions Liverpool on October 5, everyone thought that the home team of Villa Park would be crushed. But the one being crushed is Liverpool. The 7-2 score for Aston Villa was unbelievable.

With a winning hat-trick after the first three rounds, Aston Villa will for the first time in 90 years win all four league rounds if they beat Leicester in this match. The last time Aston Villa kicked off the season with a winning poker shot, they finished second. 

Both clubs are in full swing today. With Leicester, they had to wait up to 2 weeks to make an excuse that defeat against West Ham was just an accident. And Aston Villa, of course, wants to create a memorable historical milestone. However, Aston Villa should remember that the appeal of the record is both the driving force but also the trap. Leicester itself is a lesson that Aston Villa should keep in mind.

Both Leicester and Aston Villa have reason to be confident. With Villa, they are delighted to welcome the return of the extremely high-form striker Jack Grealish. Thanks to the fact that England currently has too many choices for public goods, Grealish only has to play a friendly match with Wales and has a break from both games against Belgium and Denmark. Meanwhile, Leicester's number one striker Jamie Vardy even dodged his promotion. Thus, both main players of the two teams are in good health to play this match.

However, Leicester is a bit more mentally sharp thanks to the history of confronting last season. Leicester scored eight goals against Aston Villa last season, with Vardy alone contributing four. In addition, Aston Villa's away form in the Premier League is also very bad. 

In the last 15 matches away from home in the domestic league, Aston Villa only won 2 matches against two weak opponents, Burnley and Fulham. Leicester, except for the shock 0-3 defeat against West Ham recently, has always maintained a stable performance against mid-range opponents in the Premier League at home. In addition, the history of confrontation is also on Leicester's side, when the Foxes won Aston Villa in 4/5 of the closest confrontation. If only the achievements at King Power are included in the Premier League , the last time Aston Villa won Leicester was 6 years ago. 

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