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EPL: The Lions vs MOT

After the first month of the English Premier League 2020/21, Aston Villa made many fans go from surprise to surprise when they won all four matches played in the No.1 tournament in the country. In which, Aston Villa had a 7-2 victory over defending champions Liverpool.

Returning to the early game of the 6th round tonight, Coach D. Smith's teachers and students set a goal to win all 3 points against Leeds, thereby surpassing Everton to get first place on the rankings. Of course, with its current form, a solid squad and playing at home, Aston Villa is confident to fulfill its goals.

Across the field, Leeds also made a certain impression in the opening month of competition. Specifically, they have 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. In particular, the teachers and coaches of Bielsa once held Man City with the score 1-1.

But before Aston Villa is playing explosive and the spirit shows signs of going down when losing 0-1 to Wolves in the recent round in the Premier League.