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EPL: Liverpool vs Blades

The historic 2-7 defeat against Aston Villa has not cooled down, Everton added another blow to Liverpool's pride when forcing The Kop to divide points in the match that the Red Brigade took the lead twice.  The draw against Everton was even more bitter when midfielder Virgil van Dijk suffered a very serious injury and was diagnosed with the rest of the season.

Fortunately, when the emotions were overwhelmed to the extreme, Liverpool temporarily relieved a little by winning Ajax on the field in the Champions League midweek. It was a match that coach Juergen Klopp was forced to test Fabinho playing in the midfield position to replace Van Dijk and fortunately this player played quite well. The anxiety during Van Dijk's recovery, therefore, also calmed down more or less.

Winning a clean sheet against Ajax also sparked a hope for Liverpool's defensive ability. We need to know this statistic: Since officially winning the Premier League last season, Liverpool has conceded 25 goals in just 12 games. It was even more surprising to know that, at the same time, no Premier League club conceded more than The Kop. Before this tragic period, Liverpool had to go through 38 games to "collect" 25 goals. This statistic shows that the defense problem is pulling Liverpool down very quickly. 

But NHM The Kop can rest assured in this match. Sheffield United is the only club in the Premier League this season that has never had a match ahead of their opponents. The club's style of play, nicknamed The Blades, is often stalking, but does not have a strong enough defense for the upline to score a goal before conceding.

Moreover, there is a relatively interesting statistic: Sheffield United have lost 16 of their last 17 away games against the current champions of the tournament. Away kick is also one of Sheffield United's major weaknesses. Since last Christmas until now, Sheffield United has won exactly 1 away match in the Premier League and since then, The Blades has also scored 5 goals away from home. 

If only the achievements at Anfield are counted, the more tragic, when Sheffield United's latest victory at Anfield was 26 years ago. The Blades have made 23 trips to Anfield in the Premier League and lost 19 matches. The last 3 matches against Sheffield United, Liverpool have won and did not even concede a goal.

Meeting a "soft" opponent like Sheffield United is a good opportunity for Liverpool to return to the habit of winning after 2 consecutive disappointing matches. The Kop can go all out in this match when their next opponent in the Champions League (October 28) is just Midtjylland.