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EPL: Liverpool vs Hammers

Steel midfielder Virgil van Dijk had to take a long break while defensive midfielder Fabinho, the most likely face to replace the Dutch super-defender, was also nursing, posing a very difficult problem with coach Juergen Klopp . In his hand, there was no big name to match with Joe Gomez in front of goalkeeper Alisson. Most likely, the German military leader will have to use 19-year-old Rhys Williams as a center-back. 

Of course, these are just the solutions that the charismatic world is "counting on" Klopp. This monstrous coach may have other moves we don't know yet. But no matter how you calculate, it can be believed that the Anfireld home team will not easily create a comprehensive overwhelming posture against West Ham guests tonight. Because Liverpool-no-Van-Dijk and Liverpool-have-Van-Dijk are two very different teams. Before recruiting the Dutch super-defender, Liverpool was a typical team for a dedicated but unsafe play. After Van Dijk, Liverpool was the machine to conquer titles, with an extremely balanced style, they still massively besieged opponents while ensuring maximum safety in the rear. So, with the appearance of Van Dijk, major titles also followed each other to the traditional Anfield room.

Now, when Van Dijk is likely to have to stop playing until the end of this season, Liverpool has to review the lessons of the period without the Dutch super-midfielder. It is accepting a defensive weakness and covering it up by attacking more, attacking more blood and fire. The last round, Sheffield United tasted it. The team with the most solid defense among the teams outside the Top 4 last season, despite their great efforts, still could not stand against the "huge" firepower of Liverpool. The visitors of Sheffield United left with a 1-2 defeat, after having suffered a total of 17 shots from the Anfield team. This round, Liverpool will certainly welcome West Ham with that stormy attacking style. With angel wings named Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, with the three atoms Salah - Mane - Firmino and assassin Jota on the bench,

In terms of BXH at the moment, the defeat of Everton in the previous round is providing an opportunity for Liverpool to take the top spot. A victory over West Ham can completely help the Red Brigade overcome the obnoxious opponent of the city because this round, Everton must be a guest against Newcastle. The calculation is so, but winning against West Ham, if any, will also be extremely hard for Liverpool. Coach David Moyes's army is showing great resistance. In the last 3 matches, West Ham met the championship candidates. And they are unbeaten at all 3. The first is a 3-0 victory at Leicester City's field. Next is a brave draw with a score of 3-3 at the base of the heavenly opponent Tottenham. And in the 6th round, West Ham also forced the mighty Man City to score 1-1.

A team like that, certainly does not submit easily to the cannons at Anfield. But luckily, Liverpool also has a fulcrum from history. They won 6/7 times of the closest confrontation with West Ham in all competitions (remaining match, both sides drew 1-1). If only counted at Anfield, things are even happier. All the last 3 times to welcome West Ham, Liverpool have won. They scored 11 goals against the visitors from London in those 3 victories. It is a very valuable detail, to believe that, no matter how West Ham protests, no matter how torn the defense, Liverpool will still win 3 points thanks to strong firepower and predestination. these guests.