Last weekend, Man City soon had a goal against Leicester.  But in the end they ended the match in an unbelievable scenario, when they lost 2-5.  It was a match that the Green Man defense played so badly when he gave Leicester 3 penalties.  And it was also one of the biggest defeats at home in Pep Guardiola's career.

After the loss above, many experts predict a bright future for Green Man.  They say Pep is at a stage where he faces the biggest challenge in his career.  Indeed, the Man City machine has many problems.

In terms of force, they are missing at least 6 players in the first team due to injury or Covid-19 infection.  Remember, it is no coincidence that Pep says he only has 13 people with the best physical strength.

It was the injury that pushed the Green Man into an "orphan" striker at the beginning of the season.  Sergio Aguero must not return until the end of October.  Gabriel Jesus also recently joined the list of wounded soldiers.  This makes Pep also have to push Raheem Sterling to play the striker in recent matches.

Not only the force, but also the gameplay of Man City does not have much progress.  After the defeat against Leicester, analysts pointed out that the Green Man has always had problems dealing with defensive teams that counterattack and organize a deep, layered defense.

Leicester, even when being led early at Etihad last week, remained loyal to the defensive counterattack because they knew that Man City's defense would make mistakes sooner or later.  And the foxes were right when their speed counterattack was the most effective weapon to destroy Green Man.

In fact, not this season, but from last season Pep's army has revealed a weakness to counter-attack after defeats against Lyon (Champions League), Wolves, Norwich ... After a season, the inherent weakness of Man  City has not improved at all and many people are questioning whether Pep can still bring Green Man forward?

Right now, it is too early to answer the question.  But saying that does not mean that Man City has no chance to win tonight.  In contrast the other behind.  Remember the Green Man is a team that has been forged through the years and they have the habit of immediately getting up after each failure in the Premier League.

For example, after a 2-3 defeat to Norwich on September 14, 2019, Man City crushed Watford 8-0 in the next round.  After a 0-2 defeat to Wolves on October 6, 2019, they also had a 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace.  In the 2019/20 season, Green Man lost a total of ... 9 Premier League matches, but the important thing is that they always win the match right after that.  That is, collapse is not something in the dictionary of teachers and students Pep Guardiola.

Another good sign for Man City is that Sterling is adapting well to the number 9 role. The match against Burnley in the League Cup in midweek, Sterling played great with 2 goals and 1 assists in the 3 victory.  -0 of the Blue Man.

And the most important thing to believe in the victory for Man City tonight lies in ... Leeds.  This Premier League rookie has left a huge mark since the beginning of the season.  They even almost drew Liverpool at Anfield.  However, what makes Leeds so much trouble tonight lies in their own playstyle.  Marcelo Bielsa's army plays pressing while, as discussed above, Man City is only afraid of counter-attacking teams.

Leeds certainly won't change the way the kick is tonight.  In the double match, the loose defense of Leeds will reveal a lot of gaps and that is an opportunity for the Green Man to return to the winning trajectory.

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