EPL: Magpies vs Man Utd

This time off from the national team is really valuable for the Old Trafford team when they are starting to be considered the worst in history. Marching to St James Park in the Premier League round 5 match this season, experts say that 3 points is not an impossible task for the students of coach Solsa.

It is not difficult to recognize the defense is a critical weakness of the red half of Manchester. Looking at what the red shirt team has shown in the last three matches it can be seen that Manchester United can now concede at any time, against any opponent. Therefore, in front of an attacker that is increasingly competing in the phase of "Choosing", the fact that David de Gea continues to go into the net to pick up the ball in the next 90 minutes is not too surprising scenario. Meanwhile, the attacking front of the "Red Devils" is still expected to be expected with the shine of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.

After the first three matches in the Premier League this season, the more excited Newcastle United fans are on the other side of the front line, the atmosphere is getting dark. United's only victory so far against Brighton is also a victory that the Red Devils fans feel heartbreaking. Meanwhile, the two defeats that were shattered at home to Crystal Palace as well as Tottenham have nothing to defend.

However, in this trip, with his strength as well as regaining the necessary balance after 2 weeks of focusing on the national team, the situation is expected to flourish again with the Old Trafford team. 

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