In the middle of the week, MU had a 2-1 victory at PSG. It was a great victory for the Red Devils when they played evenly with the Champions League runner-up . 

This is definitely one of the best matches for MU under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and it reminds professionals that with Solskjaer, the Red Devils are always a very unpredictable team in big games. MU can disappoint in small matches, but they are always very dangerous when facing teams of equal stature. 

More broadly, in fact, the Red Devils' achievements are also very good. Evidence is that the last 5 matches in all competitions, they won 4 and lost only 1. Except for the 1-6 defeat to Tottenham on October 4, MU won Brighton 2 matches, defeated Newcastle 4-1 and the latest is win against PSG. Saying so to see, as Harry Maguire and Solskjaer said, somehow the press has attached the word crisis to the Old Trafford team. Things are still under control and Solskjaer shows that he still has the strength to return the team to a winning trajectory, like the second half of last season. 

A MU who is very excited after the performance in Paris has more confidence in welcoming Chelsea tonight. Remember, in the Premier League alone , the Red Devils beat the Blues in the last 2 encounters. In the 2019/20 season, right in the first round match, MU crushed Chelsea 4-0 in the match they punished the representative of London with sharp counterattacks.

In the second leg, despite having to kick at Stamford Bridge, MU also excelled with a 2-0 victory, in the match where Solskjaer suddenly switched to a 3-defender diagram. In the 2019/20 season alone, MU won Chelsea in 3/4 matches. Also in the Premier League, the Red Devils were unbeaten to the Blues in the last 5 encounters. The last time MU lost to Chelsea in the Premier League was 3 years ago. And it shows that the Red Devils are becoming a very nasty opponent of the Blues. 

MU's ability to win 3 points tonight is even higher because Chelsea is not in high form right now. In the last 5 matches in all competitions, The Blues have only won 1 match against their average weak opponent, Crystal Palace. Even in that victory, Chelsea played badly in the first 45 minutes and only solved Crystal Palace thanks to situations that flashed in the second half, not because of the overwhelming match. Last weekend, the Blues also allowed Southampton to draw 3-3, despite having an early lead by 2 goals. Those are stumbles that certainly affect the confidence of teachers and coaches Frank Lampard. 

Right now, Chelsea is full of problems. Owner Roman Abramovich spent more than 200 million pounds to bring in many recruits for Lampard in the summer. But this created enormous pressure, causing the English teacher to scramble to find the strongest squad? It feels like Lampard is playing a puzzle and his model is still very messy, not only in defense but also in attack. 

In which, the bad defense continues to be Lampard's biggest headache. MU actually has an unreliable defense, but at least the Red Devils still have defensive games, but the latest is against PSG. And Chelsea, every game is bad when each individual repeatedly makes mistakes leading to goals. Statistics show that in 9 goals conceded by the Blues in the Premier League 2020/21 there were 7 goals that came after the players' mistakes. 

Tonight, a MU who is gradually entering is likely to exploit Chelsea's defensive weakness to win.