EPL: Toffees vs Liverpool

Everton is really an interesting phenomenon in the Premier League this season.  In the first four matches of the season, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army won all, and was the only team to win all 12 points and stayed at the top of the rankings.

 The quality additions in the summer market, especially rookie James Rodriguez, helped the green half of Merseyside to sublimate.  One thing to say, the opponents that "toffee" has to encounter in the early part of the season is not too difficult to play, which is also a reason for this ball to win.

In round 5, Everton will really have a big challenge, an opponent too good to verify the strength of Ancelotti's teachers, which is the defending champions Liverpool.  Not only is the strongest team in the Premier League at the moment, but Liverpool is also the most difficult rival in the city of Everton, which promises to create a fiery derby.

The situation of the Merseyside derby this year is quite different from the previous seasons.  Liverpool has just received a 2-7 defeat against Aston Villa in the previous round, while Everton is extremely sublimated and is still aiming to extend its winning streak.

In fact, Liverpool still played very well in the first 3 rounds with 9 full points, until they lost to Aston Villa in the previous round.  Being a guest to the pitch of the Everton phenomenon in round 5 is both an opportunity for teachers and students Jurgen Klopp to assert their position, but also a great challenge that the champions need to overcome. 

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