Friendly: Belgium vs Ivory

According to the schedule, Belgium will have a friendly match with New Zealand in a series of friendly matches tonight. But due to the objective factor of the flu epidemic, the New Zealand visitors withdrew from attending and Belgium chose Ivory Coast as their opponent before entering the important clash with England in the EUFA Nations League.

According to the assessment, with outstanding ability and home advantage, the Reds are confident that there will be a victory in the friendly match tonight. In detail, Lukaku and his teammates have just had a 5-1 victory over Iceland and 2-0 over Denmark in the Nations League group stage 2020/21 that just took place in September. Further, they won 12 matches. from 2019 until now.

For their part, the Ivory Coast visitors do not have to choose from many investors' expectations. Understandable because the African team is in poor  form with 4/5 stumbles against the Handicap barrier. Also in this statistic, Belgium helps players to win in the last 7 matches. 

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