Friendly: Netherlands vs Mexico

Netherlands prepares for the Nations League campaign in a friendly match with Mexico at home. Good opportunity when the visitors appear weak when they leave the Concacaf area. Home field advantage and strength, complete victory within the reach of the country Tulip team.

Netherlands possesses very good quality public goods and is always booming at home. The last 4 times to welcome the opponents, the strikers opened fire 9 times, bringing 3 wins. As a dedicated offensive team, their last 8 matches have 3 goals on average. In the Nations League last season, Netherlands reached the final and only lost to Portugal. Next to the not-so-appreciated opponent, this is an opportunity for the orange team to create an excitement before an important series.

Mexico is often unable to show itself when away from home that is undeniable. The main reason comes from the unstable defensive ability on the away field, recently they received a 0-4 defeat against Argentina. Outstanding in the Concacaf region, however, in recent years, Mexico has shown signs of decline when it comes to the world playground. The play is open and rich in Latin nature but the defense is too loose, it is difficult to expect the ability to defend the net against the attack of the host. 

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