Friendly: Portugal vs Spain

The friendly series preparing for the Nations League is a duel between Portugal and Spain at Estadio da Luz. This is a match reminiscent of the emotional 3-3 draw of 2 teams in the 2018 World Cup. reduction.

Just looking at the two names, fans can be excited about one of Europe's most attractive match for many years. In fact, in their last confrontation, there were 6 goals divided equally for each team. Especially at this time, both Portugal and Spain are in extremely high form in tournaments. In the last 4 matches, Santos's army scored 14 goals while Enrique's students had 17 goals. Sublimation is also shown in successive victories from Euro qualifiers to Nations League. Another factor is the dedication of the teams in friendly matches. All promise an open and uncompromising match of the top 2 teams.

The current faint match makes the choice of fainting adventure. Remember also in 2 friendly matches in the past, no match had less than 3 goals. With terrible performance such as the past time and comfortable psychology, it is not too surprising if they continue to create an eye-catching chase.

Portugal with the current Euro championship position is of course highly appreciated. However, Spain is not inferior when looking at the history of confrontation. 6 times to meet, each side has 2 wins, 2 draws.

Spain's recent performance is also very impressive, with 4 matches winning 3 victories. The latest is a sudden 4-0 victory over Ukraine and draw Germany away from home. Portugal on his side even has a series of 4 consecutive victories. Including 2 convincing wins against Sweden and Croatia. With the current strength to beat these two teams, it is extremely difficult.

Portugal's home field strength is undisputed, but that doesn't mean they have an easy match. Both are playing sublimation, 1 draw for 2 teams is a wise choice.

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