La Liga: Madrid vs Cádiz

Real Madrid returned after FIFA Time with the reception of rookie Cadiz. This is considered a favorable opportunity for the Bernabeu team to consolidate the first place. Despite being in high form, Cadiz's ability to leave is very fragile.

Real Madrid showed great performance from the end of last season to the championship. Zidane's tactical imprint is very clear, especially in the stable gameplay and many practicalities. The ability to do the table is not too prominent, but the defense is the difference. The first 4 rounds brought 10 points, scored only 6 goals but conceded exactly 2 times. Quite quiet in the transfer market, but for the current people, the level of "White Vulture" is still overwhelming. However, the fitness problem after the national team series forces them to be wary of opponents with better preparation. Not surprising if the match ends with 1 win just enough.

Cadiz demonstrated a very effective defense counter-attack style in the past 5 rounds. 2 wins at away field against Bilbao and Huesca without conceding a goal is extremely impressive. Table-making performance is not appreciated, especially when the opponent is too old this time. However, with excitement and stable defense, Cadiz can completely cause difficulties for opponents. Remember the last time they made a guest at the Bernabeu in 2015 they even won 3-0. It should not be surprising if Cadiz shows a pragmatic face in the upcoming trip.

The tight game was predicted as this was not an easy match for both teams. Cadiz's solid and practical play along with Real's carefulness is difficult to bring in a match with many goals. The house of faints 3 experts The house of the house highly appreciates choosing faint .

Real is obviously highly appreciated because every comparison between the two teams is very lame. 5 times they met they were overwhelming with 4 wins. With full force and outstanding class, victory is completely within reach of the home team,

Real's recent performance also brings confidence. 8 consecutive wins at home, the last 3 rounds won 9 absolute points. The other side Cadiz, despite having 2 wins on away field, has also received 2 defeats this season. Passing the net 5 times against Sevilla and Osasuna showed unstable form. 

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