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La Liga: Madrid vs S.A.D.

Real reality still has many problems. After the lucky defeat of Barca 3-1, the White Vulture had to work very hard to escape in M'gladbach's trip to the Champions League in the middle of the week (2-2).  

It was a match where Real led 2-0 until the last minute. But due to the luck and the timely shine of the stars, the White Vulture was able to regain 1 point.

It can be said that the god of luck is like the 12th player of Real , making a great contribution to helping them overcome their difficulties. Again, Real also had many advantages in the El Clasico match, when receiving an 11m penalty that led to the decision to increase the score to 2-1, as well as escape the penalty after Raphael Varane had to touch the ball. at the end of the game.

It can also be said that Real is fortunate to meet Huesca at a fragile time. If you have to host a tough opponent, the White Vulture is very difficult to win, even if you play at home. Note that Real has just lost to the last two visitors, before Cadiz (0-1) and Shakhtar (2-3). However, their opponent tonight was just a weak rookie. Huesca showed that it is likely that they will have to receive a relegation ticket in the first season to return to La Liga, like the scenario in the 2018/19 season. Currently, Huesca is in the bottom group of the table, and is also one of the two rare teams that do not know the smell of victory in La Liga 2020/21, along with Valladolid. At this point it can be said that Huesca is at a very low level compared to the general level in La Liga , thereby inevitably becoming a "prey" for Real tonight.

Fortunately for Real, at the time when the frame in the hands of coach Zinedine Zidane was about to be exhausted from playing continuously for both the national team and the club, they had the timely support of some sick soldiers. After Marco Asensio has returned and started to play, Real will welcome the return of star Eden Hazard. The Belgian striker entered the field at the end of the last M'gladbach draw and contributed a lot to help Real regain 1 point, so it is possible to kick in this match. That is, coach Zidane was able to send out the ideal attacking trio of Real, Asensio - Benzema - Hazard.

Although not easy, but with luck and strengthened squad, Real will still beat Huesca.