On the exchange, PSG is assigned to accept up to 3 1/4. This is the highest handicap rate that the capital team has ever applied in Ligue 1, and it shows that the house has absolute confidence in Tuchel's teachers and teachers.

In fact, the house of choice is completely grounded. PSG is in desperate need of a victory to rebuild after the defeat at home in the Champions League group stage match in midweek. Previously, the champions had just won four consecutive Ligue 1 games in both professional and percentage terms.

On the other side of the field, Dijon is completely inferior to the home team's strength. The away team only brought back 2 points after 7 rounds, then stood at the bottom of the table and was the worst scoring team in the tournament (4 goals). Not only that, the past is also completely against Dijon when he lost 11/14 matches against PSG.