Ligue 1: PSG vs SCO

The absence of a series of pillars at the beginning of the season made it difficult for PSG and even embraced the first two rounds. However, with the king's level, coach Thomas Tuchel and his teacher immediately returned strongly. Obviously "The rich man in France" is still an absolute dominant force in continental football. Therefore, the reception of Angers will be a walk for Mbappe and his teammates.

PSG has just had a bittersweet season, when on the domestic playground they made the historic treble. But the playground they most desire is the Champions League, making PSG sad. When, despite reaching the final, they embraced hatred against Bayern Munich. Immediately after that painful failure, PSG received a series of unhappy information. Accordingly, a series of key players of coach Thomas Tuchel must be absent due to Covid-19. Followed by 3 red cards in the Marseille match made the situation worse. Even PSG lost to both Lens (0-1) and Marseille (0-1) in the first two rounds. However, as soon as the pillars returned to the main lineup, PSG showed a destructive performance. In which PSG beat Metz, Nice and even Reims to bring 9 full points. Even in all 3 matches, PSG kept a clean sheet. The upcoming match, Coach Thomas Tuchel will not be served by Neymar and Angel Di Maria. However, with other factors in hand, PSG is enough to be the opponent's meat.

Last season Angers played quite well to get himself the final 11th in the standings. It was an acceptable result for a team that only set itself a relegation goal from the moment of opening. Angers are not bad at the moment, but they do not have the stability they need. Accordingly, after 5 rounds they won 3 and lost 2. With 9 points holding, Angers are giving themselves 8th place in the standings. They even had equal points with PSG but were right behind because they were inferior in sub-stats. Apparently marching to the championship's mecca has never been an easy task. It is important to know that, all 5 times the last encounter with PSG, Angers hated to leave the field. In all 6 PSG guests in the past, Angers also tasted bitter fruit. 

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