Nations League: Bosnia vs Netherlands

In the context that Bosnia & Herzegovina must be in the same table with three very strong teams, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland, Dusan Bajevic's teachers and coaches are currently the weakest rated team in Group A group 1 In the first two rounds of the Nations League season 2020/21, the Bilino Polje home team had only 1 draw against Italy and had to lose 2-1 to Poland afterwards. During this gathering, Bosnia still had the service of the best players like Pjanic or Kosalinac and captain Edin Dzeko.

On the other side of the front line, the Dutch team, after the departure of coach Ronald Koeman, is revealing many problems. In the first 2 matches of the group stage, despite winning against Poland in the first match, but the Orange tornado lost to Italy in the next round. In the closest friendly match with Mexico, although only having to welcome the weaker team, coach Frank De Boer and his team let the opponent beat with 0-1.

Based on the force of the 2-team formation, it can be seen that the Netherlands is still appreciated compared to Bosnia. However, in the context of the visitors having difficulty with the problem on the training bench, this will be an opportunity for the home team to win their first Nations League victory this time. The experts on tonight's match believe that players should choose the home team to have a higher winning rate.

In the past, history has never recorded any confrontation between Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Netherlands. The next match between the two teams in the Natinos League will be the first time the two sides meet. 

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