Nations League: Bulgaria vs Wales

With too weak strength, Bulgaria now shows itself to be just the team that paved the way in group B group 4 this year's UEFA Nations League. In this match, having to meet the top candidate for the promotion ticket is Wales. Despite having home advantage, failure is an unavoidable scenario for teachers and coaches Georgi Dermendzhiev.

At the moment, Bulgaria is just a team with weak average capacity of European football. Evidence that in the last Euro qualifier, Bulgaria only gave itself 6 points after 8 matches and stood 4/5 group A team. The absence of the Euro playground is a familiar scenario of this team, so the fans were not too surprised. At the UEFA Nations League playground, Bulgaria also continued to show a disappointing face. Accordingly, after 3 matches they drew 1 and lost 2. With just 1 point, Bulgaria is at the top of the table and in danger of having to play in League C next year. The distances to the two leading positions are 5 and 6 points respectively. Therefore, if you do not bring back 3 points at the upcoming Welsh welcome, everything will be over for Bulgaria. In fact, despite the home advantage, it is difficult to put faith in this team.

Welsh football has developed very strongly in recent years. In the continental arena, coach Ryan Giggs is becoming a formidable opponent to all opponents. This team also officially has a ticket to participate in the Euro Finals in the summer of next year. In the UEFA Nations League this season, Wales is showing its overwhelming strength. Accordingly, they in turn won Finland (1-0), Bulgaria (1-0) and just held Ireland (0-0). With 7 points and not even once to concede, Wales is firmly at the top of the table. The performance of the visitors is also very stable, losing only 1/10 of the last appearances. Before this match, Wales is also very confident when it only lost 1 and won 3 in the last 5 times against Bulgaria. 

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