Serie A: CCF vs Juventus

In the fourth round of the Italian national championship, Crotone will play at the Stadio Ezio Scida home field and welcome the visitors, defending champions Juventus.

Crotone is just a rookie who has just promoted this season. However, they soon experienced the harshness of the highest tournament in Italy when they lost the first 3 rounds and had to sink at the end of the standings. Having to welcome defending champions Juventus in this round, they will face a lot of difficulties.

On the other side of the front line, defending champions Juventus have just experienced a dramatic 2-2 draw against Roma in the previous round. This draw is making them extremely angry and they are looking for a rival to release their anger. Only facing a new season rookie this will be an opportunity for Juventus to do that.

It is easy to see that Juventus are completely overwhelmed in all aspects and they are determined to win. The game opened up for the quality Juventus strikers to shoot especially after the opening goal and the rain of the goals was very easy.

Obviously the two teams are on a huge difference in this match as Juventus are outperforming. The two teams are also in completely different positions when Juventus is the champions of the tournament, and Crotone is just a rookie. At the same time Crotone is starting the season badly and they are showing defense laxity. 

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