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At the heart of round 8, Hibernian is ranked third to welcome the top team of Rangers. Stable performance helped Hibernian only 3 points behind the visitors in the standings. While Rangers are showing them the best candidate for the championship this season. This is predicted to be a match where the two teams will show their pragmatism.

Round 4 of the Scottish national championship took place a week ago, Hamilton created a real shock. During the trip as a guest at Motherwell, they unexpectedly won 1-0. Remember, it was the moment that Hamilton had just received 3 consecutive defeats and ranked last in the standings and it was also the first win at Motherwell in the past 5 years.

Hamilton vs Rangers

However, the possibility of Hamilton's honeymoon will end when in this round, they will face Rangers. Despite having a home advantage, the chance for Hamilton to continue creating surprises is very difficult when the difference is too obvious. Even in his home, Hamilton is also having problems with losing the last 3 consecutive matches.

Livingston's football match against Rangers FC

Livingston kicked off the Scottish league with disappointment with an empty-handed result in the first two rounds, a 0-1 defeat at St. Thomas respectively. Mirren and a 1-4 defeat against Hibernian. A few days ago, teachers and coaches G. Holt got the first score of the season when he drew Motherwell with a score of 2-2 in round 3.

However, Livingston's joy of points quickly gave way to worries as they would have a difficult 90 minutes against Rangers FC in round 4. In all aspects, Livingston was not a rival to Rangers and according to judgment. of experts, the Glasgow team is confident to win all 3 points.

And yet, it is likely that this will be a victory with a large difference when the Rangers away team is maintaining an impressive performance. Back in the first 3 rounds of this season, coach Gerrard's teachers and students have won 9 absolute points. Notably, they won with a difference of 3-0 in the last 2 rounds.

Considering quite competitive, Rangers have won all 5 matches against Livingston in the Scottish National Championship and in which there are 4 wins difference from 2 goals or more.

Before this season started, experts predict Celtic is still a bright candidate for the championship. Last season, coach and coach Neil Lennon was awarded the trophy when the organizers of the Scottish league canceled the tournament because of the 19 covid pandemic. And the opening match, Celtic showed that they still maintain extremely stable performance.

 Kilmarnock vs Celtic

It was the match in which they welcomed Hamilton at home. Despite having just had their first official match after more than 4 months, Celtic players still maintain a very good feeling when destroying their opponents with a score of 5-1. Including last season, it was the 13th win of Celtic's last 14 matches at the Scottish National Stadium.

In the second round, Celtic will be a guest at Kilmarnock. With what is going on, the house listed the Celtic handicap up to 1 3/4. Obviously, having to play on the opponent's field, this is a very difficult match, but Celtic can completely overcome. Remember, Kilmarnock just got off to a bad start with a 1-2 defeat at Hibernians.

Celtic's superiority is shown quite clearly through the encounters. In the last 6 matches, the team led by coach Neil Lennon won. In particular, in the last 3 matches, Celtic overcame Kilmarnock with a score of 3-1. The house's experts say that the encounter this time will also take place with a similar scenario.

After more than 4 months of freezing because of the 19 covid pandemic, the Scottish league has officially returned this weekend and in the opening match of the new season, Ross will have a very difficult encounter with Motherwell. Last season, they failed in both matches against their opponents and that is why the house appreciates Motherwell with Asian handicap to accept 1/4 of the initial time.

Ross vs Motherwell

However, according to the experts, it is likely that this will be the match that Ross will have at least one point. In terms of performance, Motherwell has just had a run of "roda" not really impressed when the 4-4 defeat against Rangers and a 2-2 draw with weak opponent Hamilton.

Meanwhile, despite not playing well, but Ross is still maintaining a stable form at home. The statistics show that 5 consecutive games are played at the home called Global Energy, the team led by coach Stuart Kettlewell lost only one game, with the minimum score before the big Rangers.

Besides, Global Energy is also not a favorite destination for Motherwell as they only have one victory in the last 5 matches as guests here. In addition, Motherwell is also having performance problems when away from home. The proof is that they have just gone through a series of 5 consecutive matches without winning away.