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UCL: ManCity vs FCP

Since the first time to attend a Champions League group stage in the 2011/12 season, Man City has so far attended 10 consecutive Champions League seasons. In the last 7 European Cup seasons, the Green Man has passed the group stage. It can be seen very clearly, the class problem in the Champions League of Man City only starts to hurt when the knockout round starts. And this is just the group stage, where the green half of Manchester in recent years is very easy to conquer.

While Man City has just hit 10 Champions League seasons, Porto has 24 times to participate in this prestigious tournament. In terms of the number of times to attend the Champions League, Porto is currently just behind the two big guys Real Madrid and Barcelona (with 25 times). In terms of experience, Porto is at a height that Man City still needs a lot of time to reach.

However, Man City can fill the historic hole between the two teams with a much better force and performance than Porto recently. According to OPTA's statistics, in the last two Champions League seasons, Green Man won 13, drew 3 and lost only 3 matches, scored 51 goals and 21 times conceded. While the winning rate of Green Man in the Champions League in the last two seasons has reached 68.4%, Porto's win rate in the European Cup during the same period is only 50%. 

The most important thing is for Porto, being a guest in England is a curse. Statistics show that Porto did not even score in the last 7 times as a guest in England in the European Cup. In these 7 matches, they received up to 15 goals. 

In contrast to Porto, Man City has a very stable home record in the Champions League. Except for a shocking 1-3 defeat to Lyon in August, the Green Man did not lose 8 consecutive home matches. In that unbeaten series, the Green Man has experienced resounding victories such as 7-0 against Schalke in March 2019, 6-0 against Shakhtar Donetsk (November 2018) or the latest 2-1 before. Real last August. 

The psychological preparation of the two teams for this match is also different. If Man City, after welcoming the return of Sergio Aguero, overcame Arsenal to end a disappointing series, Porto has just experienced two consecutive games without winning in the Portuguese league. Two unsatisfactory results made Porto 5 points behind the top team Benfica in the standings. With a tournament that is not as competitive as the Portuguese National Championship, being 5 points behind the top team is difficult to level.  

There are many reasons to believe in City's victory, even in the context of coach Pep Guardiola not having the best force. At the last encounter, Aguero tore Porto when the new match took place… 19 seconds. Will he be able to reestablish this achievement?