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UEL: Arsenal vs DFC

Arsenal will play at Emirates' home ground in the second round of the Europa League group stage. With only having to welcome a very weak opponent, Dundalk, Arsenal's goal is nothing more than to win 3 full points without having to lose too much strength. 

This is entirely possible when Arsenal has a completely superior strength compared to the opponent. So even though they haven't been in their best form in the past, Arsenal will not have to face too many difficulties in this match. So it will not be too surprising if the Gunners crush Dundalk in this match.

On the other side of the front line, Dundalk FC is the defending champion of Ireland, although it is a real force in the domestic league, but they are weak in the European arena. The opportunity to reach the next round is also becoming more difficult than ever for this team when Filippo Giovagnoli's teachers and students lost to direct competitor Molde FK in the first series at home. The away team is completely weak in the race to compete for the next ticket, they are not performing well in recent matches. The next match must be marched to Arsenal, a stronger team, it is understandable that after the first two rounds of Filippo Giovagnoli's teachers and students in the Europa League, it is understandable. 

This is the first time in the history of Arsenal and Dundalk to meet each other in an official match. And with the advantages of class, gameplay and especially good form in recent matches, Arsenal will easily defeat Dundalk thereby asserting their strength in the group. 

Both teams are not reaching a high level of performance before entering this match. However, Arsenal still has many advantages in this confrontation.

With the advantage of playing at home and having a better team force, Arsenal will surely be the team that actively pushes the squad from the beginning of the match to find an early goal to bring advantage them before the break.