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UEL: Liege vs Rangers

With great performance and an attack on the way, Rangers have reason to be confident in defeating Standard Liege in the upcoming match.

Standard Liege has just had a very hard match in the last Belgian league.  This team must have a penalty at the end of the game to win 1 point against Club Brugge.  Obviously, Standard Liege is still playing quite poorly against real teams.  Even in mid-range teams, Standard Liege still has to be very scratched to get points.

A problem for Standard Liege to worry about is defense.  The last 1-1 draw against Club Brugge was the 6th consecutive match this team conceded.  That is a worrying statistic ahead of the arrival of Rangers, a rival with explosive competition.  The risk of them conceding and conceding defeat is very high.

The fact that Asian investors offer a listing price of Standard Liege +1/4 shows that they do not really trust this team.  Obviously, it's not too difficult to understand if you look at the performances in recent times.  The defense is extremely open and can completely concede at any time.  In general, with the current context, Standard Liege is not the optimal choice in the upcoming matchup.

Rangers are playing extremely explosive all the time.  In the last round, they defeated the great rival Celtic with a convincing 2-0 score on the opponent's field.  Winning on helps Rangers consolidate 1st place on the Premiership rankings.  A performance could not be more perfect than teacher Steven Gerrard's teachers before the Europa League group stage.

As can be seen, the performance of Rangers in recent years is extremely impressive.  This team has a series of 5 consecutive wins in all competitions.  In the above 5 matches, they scored up to 15 goals.  Performance 3 goals / 1 match.  With the explosion of public goods, Rangers are very confident in cutting Standard Liege in the upcoming match.

Broadly speaking, Rangers are 13 consecutive unbeaten games in the past.  In these 13 matches, they won 11 and drew only 2 times.  It can be said that defeating Rangers at the present time is not easy.  Obviously, with the positives that Rangers are showing, it is very reasonable to place this team in the upcoming matchup.