UFC Fight : Ortega vs. Korean Zombie - Main Fight Preview

Brian Ortega (14-1, 1NC in MMA, 6-1, 1NC in UFC) returns to the octagon against the opponent he would have faced last December, had he not broken the knee ligaments. All of this almost two years after being beaten by Max Holloway in the featherweight title dispute.

Ortega's greatest qualities are physical endurance and opportunism to capitalize on opportunities to define the fight both in the exchange of blows and, mainly, in the submissions. In standing fight, the game is based on constant pressure against opponents, who rarely manage to keep “T-City” at a safe distance. Brian's hit-absorbing power and gas tank are impressive and allow him to pursue the fight at all times, even with a rutted defense that makes him suffer more than would be necessary.

With a good ability to strike opponents at the waist line to wear them out, Ortega remains dangerous in combat almost all the time. He had been showing improvement in striking with increasingly powerful counterattacks before being overcome by Holloway's greatest technique. The grappling game with the opponent with his back to the ground is hardly seen due to the difficulties in offensive wrestling . He is also not one of the most explosive fighters in the division and could try to use more clinch to arrive more steadily in positions that put opponents in danger. However, even on guard it is extremely dangerous when controlling the wrists or necks of others.

Chan Sung Jung (16-5 in MMA, 6-2 in the UFC) is one of the wildest high-level fighters in MMA and has not for no reason received the nickname "Korean Zombie". It is not uncommon for athletes with their characteristics to need to readjust their game plan to extend their careers at the highest level, but Jung has gone far from that.

Zumbi is a fighter who historically does not skimp on actions during combat, no matter if in exchange for blows, in the clinch or on the ground. Always active and looking to hurt his opponents, Jung does not give up trying to stop the fight until the last second of the fight. Literally. The defeat to Yair Rodriguez in the last second of a five- round battle that would be won if he did not start like a maniac on his opponent is proof of the fact.

Despite the aggressiveness that has already cost dearly in some moments of his career, here is a caveat: despite the nickname "Zumbi" and the relentless quest to stop his duels, Jung is a fighter of great technique both in exchanging blows and in solo fight, entitled to a wide range of submissions, in addition to evolving tactically in recent years. The Korean's combos are hardly repeated from one fight to another, and some specific blows have been prepared especially for the fighting, for example, the counter-strike prepared for an eventual sloppy jab in the duel against Renato Moicano.

Saturday's duel is one in which it is safe to assert the impossibility of a monotonous fight. Both fighters are pure action and do not refuse to attack no matter where the fight is taken.

However, at first it is worth saying that after two years away and coming from a very aggressive surgery, the fight does not seem the ideal scenario for Ortega's return. Zumbi is a counter-puncher with a lot of knockout power, with the advantage of rhythm and speed, in addition to resistance as supernatural as that of “T-City” itself. Even in the face of adversity, it is not safe to rule out Ortega's chances of finding a potent counterattack or even an opportunity to finish the fight on the ground, even though Jung is also a good offensive grappler . The expectation is that the fight will be fought in a high number of actions and violence, with the tendency of an interruption in favor of the Korean Zombie in the second half of the fight.

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