UFC: Holm vs. Aldana - Main Fight Preview

Former champion Holly Holm (13-5 in MMA, 6-5 in the UFC) returns to star in a main fight in the UFC and remains well positioned even in the face of the irregularity presented after the brutal knockout against Ronda Rousey that earned her the title of rooster weight.

A boxer of the highest level, with a lot of physical strength and a good ability to defend takedowns, Holm takes a very conservative approach aware of her strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the straight strokes often used to control the distance, Holm specializes in high kicking with his left foot, a blow that most resulted in knockouts for Holm in MMA.

Although far from being the specialty of the house, the clinch is sometimes well used and based on great physical strength. Against Megan Anderson even offensive wrestling was used to guarantee a victory with extreme ease, but against opponents of good technical level it is not something to be expected as part of the game plan. However, even with so many offensive tools, Holm has been defeated when facing opponents of the highest level and cannot even deliver good performances.

Irene Aldana (12-5 in MMA, 5-3 in the UFC) returns to the octagon almost a year after winning the biggest victory of her career against the Brazilian Ketlen Vieira, at the time ranked number 2 in the category. Now, a victory against Holly Holm may be worth the challenge as the Mexican.

A good fighter with a predilection for standing up, “Robles” is a competent boxer, in the best moments she has good pace and heavy hands for the category, but she leaves a little to be desired in terms of speed. The defense of falls still needs improvement, and the lack of confidence in this area also seems to affect the ability to exchange blows with opponents of good offensive wrestling - sometimes, even though she is more qualified, the Mexican worries excessively about the danger of being placed with its back to the ground and defends itself with less care than necessary. Even though he was victorious against Ketlen Vieira, a high level judoka who has already demonstrated good ability in grappling, Aldana did not have his grappling tested, something he should repeat in Saturday's duel.

Saturday's duel should be very balanced and will likely drag on for five full rounds. As Holm is a better exchanger than Aldana and even at a more advanced stage in her career, she remains more athletic than her opponent, she takes favoritism to emerge victorious in a decision that may well be boring. However, Aldana is able to win the duel if he manages to print a higher volume against an opponent who is excessively concerned with neutralizing the opponent and stops attacking for long periods, in addition to saving on the power of the blows to avoid exposing himself in excess. With more action or with more powerful blows, the Mexican can come out victorious and at least change the scenario of the category that needs renovation.

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