Boxing: Ortiz vs Flores

As this Saturday's PBC evening will feature exclusively heavyweight bouts , the weigh-in for this evening was simply a formality as far as boxers complied. However, the heavyweight bout weighings [+90.7 kg or + 200 lb] are even more relevant in illustrating weight differences between contenders that can be very large.

As for the stellar confrontation, the one that will put Luis “King Kong” Ortiz and Alexander “The Great” Flores face to face , there was a difference of 4 kg, since Ortiz scored 109.5 kg (241.4 lb) and Flores gave 105.1 kg (231.7 lb).

Anyway, the difference between the two boxers in a co-feature fight was almost 8 kg (17 lb), since Frank Sánchez-Faure weighed 103.2 kg (227.5 lb) and Brian Howard fell far short of 100 kg, giving 95.3 kg (210.1 lb).

Finally, for the fight between Carlos Negrón and Rafael “El Grande” Ríos, the fighters gave respective figures of 111.6 kg (246 lb) and 113.1 kg (249.3 lb), while for the fight between Michael Polite Coffie and Joey Abell the weights marked by both on the scale were 121.4 kg (267.6 lb) and a much lighter 113.7 kg (250 lb).  

Former temporary heavyweight world champion Luis Ortiz will step into the ropes in Los Angeles on Sunday morning at Hungarian time, this time to clash with Alexander Flores. At Friday’s official deliberations, Cuban Ortiz was the heaviest after the instrument showed 241.6 pounds (about 109.59 kg) below him and his California opponent finished the procedure with 231.8 pounds (about 105.15 kg).