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BundesLiga: Bayern vs SVW

Bayern Munich vs Werder Bremen

Beat even direct competitor Dortmund right away in the previous round. "Gray lobster" Bayern Munich showed that in the Bundesliga, I am still a monument too difficult to subdue at this time. The next eighth round, with the ability to stay at home and only have to welcome Werder Bremen. Obviously, there is no reason for coach Hans-Dieter Flick to drop the victory.

Bayern Munich - German League

As a Dortmund guest and even conceded first, but Bayern Munich still played extremely well to successfully comeback with a score of 3-2. The victory not only brought the teacher and coach Hans-Dieter Flick 3 points but also confirmed the status of the king of German football at this time. Thus, after 7 rounds, Bayern Munich lost 1 and won to 6. Currently with 18 points, "Gray Lobster" is standing at the top of the familiar chart. It can be said that, after the third treble last season, Bayern Munich still maintains a truly terrifying strength. Be aware that the Bayern Munich strikers have shot the opponent's net 27 goals since the start of the season. In the Champions League, "Gray Lobster" is also at the top of Group A with 9 complete points after 3 matches. They even have up to 12 times to rip the opponent's net, averaging 4 goals per game.

Werder Bremen - German League 

In the Bundesliga last season, Werder Bremen must be very lucky to be able to relegate successfully. Therefore, in this season, teachers and coaches Florian Kohfeldt need to draw a lesson from their blood and blood. So far, though not so great, Werder Bremen's performance is acceptable. When after 7 rounds, the away team gave themselves 10 points and 9th place in the standings. Werder Bremen's recent performance is quite good with a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten rounds. Even on away field, Werder Bremen did not lose all four matches away from home this season. The problem is that they play very badly when facing Bayern Munich, when the last 20 encounters they are completely empty-handed before "Gray Lobster". The statistics have shown, it is difficult for Werder Bremen to score in the upcoming trip.