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Bundesliga: Dortmund vs Koln

Dortmund vs FC Koln

Although still behind Bayern Munich in the current Bundesliga standings, it is undeniable that Dortmund are still playing extremely stable. On the contrary, FC Koln are struggling to find their first victory this season. With a very low form, the door to FC Koln on the upcoming trip is extremely small.

Dortmund team - Bundesliga

Back after a series of national matches, Dortmund players did not have much difficulty in killing Hertha Berlin (5-2) right on the opponent's mecca. That defeat temporarily helped Dortmund forget the sadness of losing to Bayern Munich (2-3) at home earlier. Thus, After 8 rounds in the Bundesliga this season, Dortmund won 6 and lost 2. That achievement helped coach Lucien Favre's teachers and teachers give themselves 18 points and second place in the rankings. They are currently only 1 point behind Bayern Munich and the chance to rise is extremely bright. In fact, in addition to the defeat against Bayern Munich and the unexpected fall on Augsburg, Dortmund is doing well. In particular, Dortmund is playing well and rarely makes mistakes against underdogs. In the Champions League, Dortmund just got an important victory over Club Brugge KV.

FC Koln team - Bundesliga 

As a team that is not highly appreciated for its strength, but FC Koln always knows how to stay in the Bundesliga in recent seasons. Unfortunately, that story probably no longer goes smoothly this season, when the relegation battle is getting fiercer with coach Markus Gisdol and his teachers more than ever. Through 8 rounds, even "Goats" has not given me any victory yet. Their results brought only 3 points after 3 draws, and FC Koln had to receive 5 defeats. Together with Schalke, FC Koln are two names that have not won a match yet and are also dying at the bottom of the chart. With the attackers scoring only 8 goals in 8 matches, there are so many problems that FC Koln must fix right now. However, having to meet an opponent like Dortmund, hoping with the away team is not much. Remember that FC Koln has lost all 4 times against Dortmund.