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ECQ: Serbia 🇷🇸 vs Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Serbia vs Scotland:

The Serbian team entered the decisive match for the Euro 2020 finals with a very poor performance. The students of Mr. Ljubisa Tumbakovic are going through a series of 6 consecutive no wins, in which they lost 2 matches. So, despite having the advantage of being kicked at home in the play-off final for tickets to attend the Euro 2020 finals against Scotland, Serbia is not appreciated.

The most noticeable thing in Serbia is the inefficiency of defense. According to statistics, in the last 8 matches, there are 7 matches of Mr. Tumbakovic's soccer team that cannot keep the home net clean. Most recently, in the UEFA Nations League 2020 match, despite leading 2 goals, Serbia Tel played defensively in the second half, giving homeowners Turkey the opportunity to hold a draw with 2-2 results.

Worth mentioning, not only conceded against strong opponents, even when meeting teams that were completely under the rating such as Luxembourg or Lithuania, Serbia could not keep the net intact. Before such an ineffective defense system, Scotland has the right to hope to win right on the opponent's field tonight for the third time in history to qualify for a EURO final.

Before the battle of life and death with Scotland Tel, Serbia had a great disadvantage in terms of force. There are at least 6 pillars of them so far do not know whether they can be in the squad tonight or not. It is the players are playing in Serie A . They are caught in quarantine because some teammates at the club playing are infected with Covid-19. According to initial information, despite the quarantine order in Italy, the Serbian players are still determined to return home to face Scotland. However, whether they will be able to return in time is still a question.

While the Serbian team is having performance problems, potentially losing a few pillars, the Scottish visitors entered the match tonight with high form and burning spirit. Coach Steve Clarke's team is very "in the ball" with an unbeaten record in the last 8 matches, in which they have won 6 victories - most recently a 1-0 victory over a strong Czech opponent.

Through the recent matches of Scotland Tel, it can be seen that they play very closely and disciplined. The evidence is that in the last 3 matches, Mr. Clarke's students have not conceded a goal. It can be affirmed that, in stark contrast to rivals Serbia, Scotland is succeeding thanks to great certainty in defense.

Saying so does not mean that Scotland Tel will easily win against host Serbia in the match tonight. Even coach Clarke's team will have to accept the "lower door" position and choose a tight defense, quick counter-attack as a guideline. Therefore, if it is possible to win to win tickets to the Euro 2020 finals, the away team is likely to only win at least! 

In the Euro 2021 qualifiers, Serbia did not perform well and failed to find tickets to play the final round. Specifically, they only ranked third in Group B, after Ukraine and Portugal. However, the door to attend was not completely closed to the army of coach Tumbakovic when the play off game was won against Scotland.

Before that, Serbia had a fierce 90 minutes of beating Norway with a score of 2-1 after 120 minutes of playing. Praiseworthy, this is a match that they have to play on the opponent's field.

Tonight, Serbia entered the final of Group C against Scotland. And they are the dominant player when playing at home, but that does not mean that Serbia will easily get tickets to the Euro finals in the official 90 minutes.

Remember, Serbia is not a team in outstanding form when drawing 3 and losing 2 in 5 matches played in 2020. In contrast, Scotland has the best preparation of form and formation. In detail, Scotland won 6 and only divided the points 2 times in the last 8 matches in all participating fronts.

With the above developments, it is likely that Serbia will have to rely on a lucky 11m shootout to win tickets to the continent's most attractive soccer festival next year.