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EFL: Boro vs Rovers

The two teams are showing quite opposite extremes this season. When Blackburn's performance deteriorated, Middlesbrough suddenly sublimated to become a bright candidate for promotion ticket. Giap to face each other in a direct confrontation here, whether the name is brave enough to aim for 3 points.

As a guest of Swansea in the previous round, despite controlling the game with 59% possession of the ball. Besides, it launched 11 shots and 4 hit situations. But Blackburn still had to play Liberty with a 0-2 defeat. That defeat also marked a period of very unstable play for Blackburn. When the last 5 rounds they won only 1 and had to receive 4 defeats. Besides, at home, Blackburn also lost 2, drew 1 in the last 3 matches. In fact, Blackburn's attack line was very explosive with 18 goals scored against the opponent. Even they are the team with the best scoring record of the tournament so far. However, having to get back 13 goals is making Blackburn difficult. Anyway, the last 10 matches to welcome Middlesbrough, Blackburn had 5 wins, 3 draws and only 2 defeats.

Midfielder Marvin Johnson's late goal was enough to help Middlesbrough retain 3 full points at the welcome of Nottingham. It can be said that this is the stage where the away team is playing extremely sublimated. Accordingly, the last 5 rounds they were unbeaten when they drew 2 and won 3. Further, after 9 matches, Middlesbrough won 4, drew 4 and lost only 1. The result helped them have 16 points for themselves. 5th place on the chart. Having a stable attacker, besides, the Middlesbrough defense is playing extremely firmly with only 5 concessions since the beginning of the season. In particular, in the last 10 away games Middlesbrough won 6, drew 2 and only had 2 defeats. These very stable results clearly help Middlesbrough be more confident in the upcoming trip.