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EFL: CCFC vs Birmingham

Coventry vs Birmingham

Both Coventry and Birmingham are in a slump and desperately need a kick to get back into the race. Facing each other in this difficult situation, let's wait and see if Coventry will successfully take advantage of the field advantage to aim for the third victory of the season. Or Birmingham with its bravery will continue to sink recruits into the abyss.

Coventry - Championship, England

First of all, it is important to know that Coventry is just a rookie who just got promoted from League One, so experience is something that is very lacking for this team. Remember that the last time Coventry appeared in the English First Division was eight years ago. In addition to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the preparation for the new season is increasingly difficult. Currently, after going through 11 rounds, Coach Mark Robins and his teachers only have 8 points and stand at 21st place on the chart. The distance between them and the group holding the red light was only 1 point and things could get worse at any time. The recent performance is also really alarming for Coventry, when they only won 1 and had to receive 4 defeats in the last 5 appearances. Coventry's failure to play a good position is due to their defenders playing so badly.

Birmingham - Championship, England

As an experienced team in the English First Division, but at the present time, Birmingham is also playing very hard. Before giving up the match schedule to the national team, Birmingham immediately embraced two defeats against Wycombe and Bournemouth. If defeat against Bournemouth is acceptable, the defeat of Wycombe, a team in the group holding the red light at home, is alarming. Through 11 rounds, they won 3, drew 4 and also received 4 defeats. With 13 points, Birmingham is currently ranked 17th in the rankings. Although the defense played well with only 11 goals, the attack only fired 9 times, making the visitors unable to go far. Confrontation history saw Birmingham win 5 and lose 2 after 12 matches against Coventry. A basis for teachers and coaches Aitor Karanka to hope to have points in the next trip.