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EFL: Nottingham vs Swansea

Nottingham Forest vs Swansea

After the first 13 rounds of the Championship 2020/21, Nottingham Forest and Swansea earned relatively different achievements.  Nottingham only got 12 points: won 3, drew 3 but lost to 7. Meanwhile, Swansea has 23 points: win 6, draw 5, lose 2.

So, if Nottingham Forest beat Swansea, this can be considered a big surprise.  But that surprise promises to happen for the reasons below.

Firstly, Nottingham Forest, under the guidance of coach Chris Hughton, often achieved positive results when playing at home.  They are unbeaten to 34/37 last home matches in the Championship.  Calling ‘unbeaten’ is a bit modest because in fact, Nottingham wins 26 of these.

Nottingham Forest is also unbeaten in all 4 of their last home matches in the Championship.  They get the maximum 8/12 points from this series of 4 unbeaten games.

Second, City Ground Stadium is really a difficult destination for Swansea.  The swans have not won all seven recent matches against Nottingham Forest at this stadium.  Swansea only got 3 draws and lost the remaining 4 matches.

Third, Swansea recently did not have a good record away from home.  They did not win all of the last 4 away matches in the Championship: draw 3, lost 1.
 In general, the home advantage is likely enough for Nottingham Forest to surprise an opponent with 10 points more than them in the Championship 2020/21.