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EPL: BHAFC vs Burnley

Brighton entered the eighth round of the Premier League 2020/21 early with an erratic form when there was a pulse of 6 matches that did not know the victory in all participating competitions.

In it, they drew 2 and lost 3 matches in the Premier League.  Looking at the above data, the first half is somewhat cautious when choosing Brighton at the present time.

However, when he knew that Burnley was inferior in all aspects, Brighton would still be a name that attracted investors.  Remember, Burnley is the team with the poorest performance in the tournament when they have only 1 draw and 5 defeats after 6 matches played.  Currently, they are the last team in the rankings.

Notably, Burnley's win rate in the above series is 0% - draw 2 and lose 4 matches.  In addition, in the first leg of the match that took place in July, Burnley lost 1-2 at Brighton, despite being able to play at home