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Tottenham do not want to miss the score when the opponent is just West Brom who are slowly drifting towards the end of the table. A victory is a prerequisite for teachers and students Jose Mourinho, both meaningful points and a mental medicine to help them move towards the tough series ahead. 

After the draw was no different than a defeat against West Ham, Tottenham came back strong with 3 consecutive victories. In the Premier League, Tottenham is experiencing 6 consecutive games without losing, the longest unbeaten series in the Premier League so far. In addition, they are also the team with the most powerful attackers in England with 18 goals.  

After the first half of the season to catch up, Mourinho seemed to "mound" Tottenham in the framework he expected. Tottenham's progress can be seen in the way they beat Burnley and Brighton in the last two rounds. Tottenham held the ball a little, finished a little, suffered many goals to intimidate the goal, but in the end still won all 6 points with narrow results. Basically, it is the football of Mourinho, the football that has been the trademark of "Special One" for more than 15 years, a football that people call "cruel". 

With the presence of Mourinho , Daniel Levy expressed his ambition to end the thirst for titles that lasted for the past 12 years. Where Mourinho touches his hand, there turns to gold and do not forget, this is Mourinho's second year - his most successful milestone at the club has passed. 

What's going on partly confirms Tottenham is on the right track. Curiously, they play away better than home with 3 consecutive victories. If you win against West Brom, this is the fourth time in the entire history, Tottenham will win four consecutive away games in the Premier League or the predecessor was the English league. 

The match against West Brom also took place at a relatively "sensitive" time because Liverpool and Man City met again this week. Before the break to make way for the international series, this is a great opportunity for Mourinho to have a knee high, take a breather before entering the fierce tourmalet from the second half of November. 

In the last week of November and the first week of December, Tottenham will have to meet the three big players in the Big Six, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Winning West Brom , therefore, is of course an imperative to Mourinho's students. At this point, even a slight stubborn stammer could produce a negative domino response. 

As for West Brom, we can only use the word "bad" to talk about the condition of this team. After the defeat against relegated opponents Fulham, coach Slaven Bilic expressed concern for the performance of the players. It was the eighth consecutive match, West Brom could not win in the Premier League if the pre-promotion period was included.  

The only fulcrum of West Brom is only historical data because the last time the two teams met, they won Tottenham 1-0. However, that was two years ago and it is also noted that since November 1984, West Brom had never won against Tottenham twice in a row. 

With the current context, it is likely that West Brom need to wait for another round to know the taste of victory.