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EPL: Burnley vs CPFC

Burnley vs Crystal Palace

Winning is still something extremely luxurious for Burnley after the Premier League has gone through 7 rounds with this team. In the next round, teachers and coaches Sean Dyche will have a welcome to Crystal Palace at home. This is a great opportunity for Crystal Palace to find their first victory in this season. But in front of a very dirty opponent, Burnley is hard to keep a positive result.

Burnley Team - Premier League

In the Premier League last season, Burnley played very well and had many times entered the race to win tickets to the European Cup. With a great victory, it seems that Burnley will continue to maintain stability this season. But up to now, things are probably beyond the control of coach Sean Dyche. That is because, after 7 matches, Burnley has not yet won any victory. With a result of 2 draws and 5 defeats, Burnley remained in the penultimate position in the standings. It can be said that the prospect of participating in the First Division playground next year is very close. Therefore Burnley needs a quick return before it is too late. Since the beginning of the Burnley's attack season, he only scored 3 goals and the defense has conceded 12 times.

Crystal Palace team - Premier League

Defeating rookie Leeds to 4-1 in the last round, Crystal Palace temporarily returned to the winning streak after the defeat as Wolves' previous guest. Overall, Crystal Palace's performance from the beginning of the season is acceptable. After 8 rounds, they won 4, drew 1 and lost 3. Currently with 13 points in hand, Crystal Palace is standing at 8th position in the standings. Playing not bad, but Crystal Palace did not really have the stability needed to break up to the group on the chart. In the last 5 appearances they won 2 and also received 2 defeats. After 8 Premier League games this season, Crystal Palace scored 12 goals. In addition, the visitors' keeper also received exactly 12 goals. Although the next match must be a guest, Crystal Palace has a history of backing. The proof that the last 5 encounters with Burnley, Crystal Palace lost only 1 and won 4.