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EPL: Fulham vs WBA

The Premier League this season soon became attractive at the beginning when many big names declined (Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd) while some average teams rose strongly, but among them,  There is no name Fulham or West Brom.

Unlike Leeds, who played very prominently, the remaining two Premier League recruits 2020/21 soon revealed their relegation candidates.

Therefore, the direct confrontation tonight can be an important turning point for the two teams on the way to find relegation opportunities, especially since the beginning of the 2020/21 season, both have not won one.  Let's win.

Honestly, Fulham have home advantage, and they themselves often appear to dominate in recent confrontations with West Brom.  Exactly, Fulham are unbeaten in all 10 times to welcome West Brom at home (won 6).

But with Fulham only equal (0: 0), it seems that the host's door is not reliable because the last time they met West Brom at home, they also accepted 1/2.  In fact, from the beginning of the 2020/21 season, Fulham have only won 1 match in Asia (TLCA) remaining in court.

Meanwhile, West Brom is more or less prosperous when it comes to drawing the last 2 professionally (according to TLCA it is 1 win and 1 draw).  Do not forget that West Brom has drawn even the big Chelsea in this season.  In general, the away team can take the point to leave tonight.