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EPL : Gunners vs Villa

Arsenal have won all three times to host Aston Villa in the Premir League. But this time, the outcome may be different, when Villa is no longer afraid of being away from home like before and Arsenal just collapsed in their home in the previous round.

Coach Mikel Arteta's army is kicking off the season in an extremely emotional way. They have commendable victories, such as when knocking Liverpool out of the League Cup or beating Man United on away field in the 7th round of the Premier League . However, in the middle of these victories, there are regrettable matches, but the latest is the loss at home to Leicester. Despite winning 4/7 matches in the Premier League this season, Arsenal still ranked 9th when receiving up to 3 defeats and becoming the team with the most losses in the first half of the table.

Stability is something that Arteta has yet to build for his students. The Gunners can easily bully weak teams but also often show tension before strong or rich teams. Speaking of personality, Aston Villa can be classified as a team with that quality this season. 

Coach Dean Smith's army seemed to forget that they had just relegated successfully in the final rounds of last season. This season Aston Villa played fair with the giants. They once beat Liverpool with an unbelievable 7-2 score before knocking another champion candidate, Leicester, on away field.

Victory over Leicester is also the fourth consecutive time Villa triumphs when away from home in all competitions. They even conceded only 1 goal in those 4 wins and are the only team in the Premier League this season not to lose any away goals. 

Don't know the secret to Aston Villa 's impressive performance away from home . But for sure, the confidence that this team has on away field is very, very clear. If counting from the time the England pitch returned after the period of social isolation for Covid-19 in June until now, Aston Villa is also unbeaten 6/7 long trips away. 

Each time as a guest, coach Dean Smith's team proved stubborn with a fast-paced defensive play, based on a quality midfield consisting of classy and high-performance midfielders like Jack Grealish and Ross Barkley. . Breaking the midfield of Aston Villa and preventing the "rebound of the injury" of the visitors from Birmingham is not an easy task for the Gunners, especially when they have conceded in all 6 home matches. nearest.

Meanwhile, Arsenal's biggest inspiration on the attack, striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is showing signs of "less charming" with the Emirates grass. Arsenal 's captain has stunned all last 3 home matches. If he does not score against Aston Villa, Aubameyang will have the first time in his career that has been silent for four consecutive matches in the Gunners' home and at that time, it is likely that he will also have to see The Villa guests bring at least 1 point. leaving London.