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EPL: LCFC vs Fulham

Leicester vs Fulham FC 

Rookie Fulham is still showing his immaturity in this Premier League return. Even if the situation didn't improve quickly, the prospect of returning to the First Class playing field was really near. In the next round, the encounter with a too strong opponent like Leicester, is really too difficult for Fulham to avoid the next defeat.

Leicester team - Premier League

Marching to be a guest of the defending champions Liverpool, despite their efforts, Leicester still had to leave empty handed with a broken defeat 0-3. The results show that Leicester has a lot to do if it wants to reproduce the miracle like five years ago. That defeat also pushed Leicester from the top of the rankings. Accordingly, "Fox" is currently at 4th place on the rankings after bringing back 18 points after 9 rounds. They are currently 3 points behind Liverpool's first place, but this match has not yet played. Therefore, the 3-point goal will be Leicester's top priority in the next match. In the Europa League playground, "Fox" has 10 points after 4 rounds. The results helped them topped Group G and had a sure ticket to continue. Recently Leicester had a 3-3 draw in the Europa League with Braga in Portugal.

Fulham team - Premier League

As a team that is no stranger to the Premier League playing field, but this comeback, Fulham are playing really badly. In the previous round, they lost to Everton (2-3) at home. It was also the 2nd consecutive defeat and the 3rd in the last 5 rounds. Thus, after 9 rounds, Fulham only got 4 points after 1 victory, 1 draw and 7 defeats. Such poor performance makes the army of coach Scott Parker standing at 19th place in the rankings. There is too little to believe that Fulham will return in the near future. The only victory they got came from another rookie, West Brom. History witnessed Leicester and Fulham had 10 encounters. Results with 4 wins and 4 draws, Fulham have a clear advantage.