EPL: Leeds vs Gunners

Leeds United vs Arsenal 

The impressive start of the season has passed with rookie Leeds, now is the time when coach Marcelo Bielsa's teacher clearly declines. Meanwhile, Arsenal is also really cheating on the uncertainties they create. Facing each other in this chaotic situation, this will be a difficult match for the two.

Leeds - Premier League

Patrick Bamford's only goal was not enough to help Leeds escape a crushing 1-4 defeat at Crystal Palace. Previously, coach and coach Marcelo Bielsa also embraced hatred with the same score at home when they met Leicester. Thus, Leeds are going through a really tough time and they have begun to feel the heavy pressure from the relegation battle. Over 8 rounds, Leeds got 10 points in hand with 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 defeats. With that result, teachers and coaches Marcelo Bielsa is ranked 15th in the standings with 10 points after 8 rounds. Leeds' performance is clearly declining when he only wins 1/5 of his last appearances and has to receive 3 defeats in it. At this time, Leeds are too dependent and Patrick Bamford, the striker, has scored 7 goals since the beginning of the season. While their defense is too bad to have conceded 17 goals. Even coach Marcelo Bielsa's teachers and students also have the worst defense of the Premier League so far.

Arsenal team - Premier League

London's "Gunners" have just played a really pathetic game when Aston Villa buryed 3-0 at Emirates Stadium. The match that Bukayo Saka had a familiar home goal and Ollie Watkins's double overwhelmed Arsenal mercilessly. It can be said that Mikel Arteta's teachers and teachers are showing a face that is too unstable this season. In the last 5 rounds, despite winning 2, "Gunners" received 3 defeats. They can win Man Utd on away field, but they can also lose to Aston Villa or Leicester at home. Currently, "Gunners" are only ranked 11th in the rankings. They won 4, along with 4 defeats to bring back 12 points. Of course it was not a good performance, as Arsenal's potential was greatly appreciated. In the last 5 encounters with Leeds, Arsenal drew 1 and won 4. However, with uncertainty there are.