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EPL: Liverpool vs Foxes

Liverpool vs Leicester 

The focus of the 9th round of the Premier League season 2020-2021 is definitely the match between Liverpool and Leicester, two teams that are extremely fierce competition for the throne. Let's wait and see if Liverpool takes advantage of the home field to prove their level, or Leicester will continue to sublimate to maintain the holding head.

Liverpool team - Premier League

Having an early goal in the 13th minute by Mohamed Salah, however, Liverpool could only leave Man City's Etihad with 1 point. The match, although it must be a guest, but Liverpool played on the muscle and completely deserved to stand if there was victory. With only 1 point, Liverpool was surpassed by both Tottenham and Leicester in the rankings. Accordingly, after 8 rounds, they won 5, drew 2 and lost 1. Currently with 17 points, Liverpool is at 3rd place in the standings. They are 1 point behind Leicester and it is clear that the chance for Liverpool to climb to the top has come. In general, the performance of teachers and coaches, coach Jurgen Klopp, is very impressive when they won 5 and drew 1 in the last 6 appearances. In the Champions League playground, Liverpool is firmly at the top of Group D with all 9 points after 3 rounds. Even their attackers scored 8 goals and their defense kept a clean sheet.

Leicester team - Premier Leagues

Last season Leicester also played very well in the first leg and seemed to hold a place in the top 3 teams. But when the Premier League lowered the curtain, "The fox" was even out of the top 4 and lost a ticket to attend the Champions League. Therefore, determination is evident for Leicester before this season starts. Up to now, coach Brendan Rodgers and his teachers are doing too well their duties. The proof is that after 8 rounds they won 6 and lost 2, the result helped them stand on the top of the rankings with 18 points. Leicester's performance is very impressive this time when it has won all 5 of the last appearances. If only the Premier League, they also won all last 3 appearances. In the Europa League playground, Leicester is also playing well when topping Group G with 9 full points after 3 appearances.