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EPL: Man Utd vs AFC

For the past 14 years, Arsenal can not win against MU at Old Trafford. Even at the time when the Reds were weakest, they still knew how to overcome the Gunners. At present, the more confident MU plays. Arsenal also received consecutive failures. Old Trafford will continue to be the Gunners' obsession tonight.

It would not be too much to say that Old Trafford is the pitch that Arsenal are most afraid of in the Premier League. In the past 14 years, the Gunners have never won against MU at the Theater of Dreams if counted within the national league. Those 14 years, with a total of 13 marches to Old Trafford, Arsenal received 8 defeats and only 5 points out. Over that decade, Old Trafford was the place to witness the Gunners' most humiliating defeat in the Premier League era , when they lost 2-8 to MU on August 28, 2011. 

The last time Arsenal triumphed at the Red Devils' lair was a 1-0 victory on September 17, 2006. That was when Sir Alex Ferguson was still leading MU and sitting in the coaching chair, the Gunners were still Arsene Wenger. Since that victory, no matter how many ups and downs the Red Devils went through, even at times fell into disrepair, Arsenal still could not solve the Old Trafford curse.

MU even in the most difficult times, the most severe crisis since the time of David Moyes, Van Gaal, then Jose Mourinho, or even Ole Solskjaer, they still keep their unbeaten record against Arsenal at home. Most notably is the confrontation between the two teams on February 23, 2016. At that time, Van Gaal was the Red Devils coach. Van Gaal's MU had a serious force crisis, which forced the Dutch strategist to include Marcus Rashford, a striker who was only 18 years old, on the main stone list. But a strange, young MU Van Gaal still knows how to beat Arsenal with Wenger's strongest team. It was the Gunners' most memorable defeat at Old Trafford in the past five years. Saying that to see, marching to MU's yard tonight is definitely a more or less evil trip. 

Arsenal are even more worried when their form in the Premier League is quite bad. In the last 4 rounds, they received 3 defeats, only won 1 match and were very hard at Sheffield Utd with a score of 2-1. Coach Mikel Arteta was once praised as the man who brought the bravery to play for Arsenal. But in fact, the last 3 matches against the leading teams are Liverpool, Man City, Leicester, the Gunners lost all 3 matches and only scored 1 goal. If the defeat against Green Man and The Kop is acceptable because it takes place on the opponent's field, the recent 0-1 defeat to Leicester at the Emirates will certainly leave a great disappointment. And this is when the experts questioned whether Arsenal are making progress with Arteta? In fact, the data show that after the first 26 games in the Premier League, Arteta also had a poor performance than predecessor Unai Emery at the same period. 

In the context of Arsenal without the highest confidence, this will be a great opportunity for MU to win. Two consecutive victories against two strong opponents, PSG and RB Leipzig, certainly adds a lot of confidence to Solskjaer's teachers and students. Between the two resounding victories above is a 0-0 draw against Chelsea. However, it was a match that if Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy was not excellent, MU would have won 3 points. 

Solskjaer is also scoring with transformations in big games. When Solskjaer used a three-midfield scheme. When the Norwegian teacher used a diamond-shaped midfield, as in the latest victory over RB Leipzig. That transformation of Solskjaer made MU more unpredictable and difficult to catch. This is also the time when the Red Devils squad is more balanced, more prolific than Arsenal, especially the extremely high form of Marcus Rashford. 

For the past 14 years, Old Trafford has been the Gunners' obsession. Tonight, they will still have a hard time solving the curse.