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EPL: Man Utd vs WBA

Man United vs West Brom

"Red Devil" has temporarily ended the crisis with a very deserving victory on Everton's field. However, doubts when playing at Old Trafford's home field still cover Man Utd. Therefore, meeting West Brom at the present time will be an opportunity for teachers and coaches Gunnar Solskjaer to regain the fans' trust.

Man Utd team - Premier League

In the group of giants in the Premier League this season, Man Utd is the most disappointing name. At the moment, after going through 7 rounds, they win 3, draw 1 and also lose 3. With only 10 points available, Man Utd is standing at 14th place on the standings. Their difference to the first place was 8 points and really "Red Devils" need to hurry back to the race before it's too late. It should be known that the Premier League this year appears more umbrellas that can compete with the top 4 such as Everton, Southampton and Leicester. Therefore, the rate of entering the Champions League group with Man Utd is lower and lower. The performance of teachers and coaches Gunnar Solskjaer is also very erratic when winning 2 and also lost 2 in the last 5 rounds. At home, Man Utd was worse when he only won 1, drew 1 and lost 3 in the last 5 times to welcome guests. Therefore. 

West Brom team - Premier League

The away team West Brom are one of the Premier League rookies this season. Therefore, the fact that they are playing badly has partly been in the expectations of experts. Even after 8 rounds, West Brom did not give me any victory. Specifically, "Sparrow" drew 3 and lost 5, the result gave them only 3 points and took 18th place in the rankings. Thus, the risk of returning to the First Division is very clear if West Brom do not quickly improve in the near future. Since the beginning of the attack season, West Brom played very badly with only six shooting, while the defense has conceded 17 goals. There is a special thing that West Brom are not inferior when they meet Man Utd. Accordingly, each side has for themselves 2 victories in the last 5 encounters. However, with a very bad form right now, it is difficult for West Brom to hope for points in the next trip.