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EPL: MUFC vs Gunners

The first match in the 7th round of the Premier League, Arsenal will march to Old Trafford of Manchester United. This will definitely be a match where both Arsenal and Manchester United are eager to get 3 points to reach the top half of the Premier League. Will any team enjoy the joy of victory when the referee's final whistle sounds? Let's go find out together. 

The weak defeat against Tottenham was a doping dose to boost the morale of the Manchester United players, then they won 2 victories against Paris Saint Germain and Newcastle, and then another draw against Chelsea. Most recently in the second round of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United showed an overwhelming strength against the representative of Germany, RB Leipzig, with an unbelievable 5-0 score. This win also helped the Reds win the top spot in their group. With the spirit rising, surely in the battle with the Gunners here, 3 points will be what coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær's teachers and coaches aim for, a victory will help Manchester United rise to the top half of the rankings, that is certainly.

Like their opponents, before this match Arsenal had a perfect run when they won 3-0 in the Europa League against Dundalk. So surely the Gunners also enter this match with the determination to score. This season, at the hands of Mikel Arteta, the Gunners have removed the image of a naive team as usual but instead play more pragmatically. Gunners will actively defend against a counterattack when meeting the above opponents, most likely this tactic will be applied again in the upcoming match. However, there will be concerns about Arsenal's personnel situation when this team will be without Pablo Marí, Rob Holding and Gabriel Martinelli due to various injuries. Meanwhile, in the latest match David Luiz when he was not registered to play in the recent match.